Cat Consultation

At the University of Lincoln Animal Behaviour Clinic, we can help if your cat urinates in the house, doesn't get on with your other cats, pulls its fur out or is aggressive to people.

What do I get?

  • Full assessment and prognosis
  • Action plan outlining key points to take away
  • Written report detailing treatment plan for you and your vet
  • Free telephone and email support for 3 months after the consultation

How much?

Our initial consultation standard fee is £420 incl VAT.

Our initial consultation discounted fee for feline teaching cases is £222 incl VAT, for the same service as an initial standard consultation.

We also offer home visit consultations (within 20 miles of LN6 postcode) which are also discounted if consent is given for them to be used for teaching (video only, no student observers). The current price for a home visit is £250 + VAT (plus return travel at 45p per mile). Please contact us to discuss a home visit further.

As we are a teaching institution, a discount is offered for any case where you choose to give us consent to use the material in teaching. This usually includes video recording of the consultation and remote video viewing by students, all of which are studying related courses and have signed confidentiality agreements. We ask you to indicate which service you would like on your behavioural history form.

If your pet is insured check if they are covered for behavioural problems. Although we cannot claim directly from the insurance company, we are happy to complete the necessary paperwork to enable you to claim the money back on your insurance. In all cases where further medical tests or medication are required these will be arranged and charged through the referring veterinary surgeon.

Telephone and email follow up are included in the cost of the initial consultation for a period of 3 months after the date of this consultation. If a follow up consultation or 1-2-1 session are required, either within or outside of this 3 month period, these are charged additionally to the initial consultation fee.

What next?

Send us a completed feline behavioural history form and a veterinary referral form completed and signed by your vet (electronic signatures cannot be accepted). Once received, we will be in touch to book you in.

Each cat and therefore each case is individual and for some cats, a home visit may be more suitable than coming to the clinic. We can discuss your cats individual requirements with you to ensure the best decision for their welfare is met. At the time of the consultation, whether at your home or at the clinic, we would ask that all family members and other pets, if applicable also be available.

If you do visit the clinic with your cat, you can park outside of the clinic entrance so there is very little delay from getting your cat from the car and into the clinic. There will be no other pets in the clinic at the time of your consultation and once in the clinic, cats usually have their carriers open, giving them the choice of whether to explore or not. Everything is done to ensure that for you and your cat, the visit to us is as stress free as possible.

If you have any video footage of your pet's behaviour, please email the footage to us or bring the footage with you to the behaviour consultation. If you do not feel it is safe to video tape your pet's behaviour, please do not attempt to take any video.