Pet Consultations

At the University of Lincoln Animal Behaviour Clinic, we can help with any pet behaviour problems, including aggression towards people, aggression towards other dogs, noise sensitivity, fears, phobias, anxieties and attention seeking behaviours.

The Consultation

Behaviour Consultations are recommended for cases involving aggression, long term problems or behaviours which are having an impact on yours or your animals life. Consultations take place in the Behaviour Clinic at the University of Lincoln, Minster House, LN6 7DL and usually last between 2-3 hours.

Within the consultation, we observe and discuss the behaviour, other factors which may play a role and then a diagnosis and treatment options to be implemented with the support of our clinic team are discussed. On the day, you will have an action plan to take away with you which outlines the key points. A full written report, detailing the treatment plan is usually sent out within 10 days of the consultation and telephone and email support are included for a period of 3 months thereafter.

For Cats

For Dogs